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A writer from any developing country deserves equality.

It must have been difficult for you. You have been trying so hard to write the best content you could provide to your clients or to your audience. Yet, it seems like nobody actually cares about how you feel during the process and the time when it was already over.

As much as you want to feel proud of what you have accomplished as an adult, especially in this department, the fact that you aren’t getting the writing job you like or dismissing the need to explore your writing capabilities is a problem.

Most often, we find ourselves trapped in…

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Your heart and hand should be one when dancing to the music of your words.

Checking one’s self in the most truthful way is vital for writers. Needless to say, writing has become one of the most sought methods to make our ends meet, to put food on the table, to pay our debts, and to make our lives easier.

I’ve been writing professionally for almost a decade. At first glance, it’s an accolade many people will see first. It’s like showing your trophies displayed on your glass cabinet, arranged in the array from the first award to the most recent one.

Perhaps, it was my longing to be connected with someone other than my…

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How to destroy your dreams? Simple. Live with fear.

Have you experienced getting stuck at something these days? Are you getting crazy simply by thinking about how to regain the Midas touch you once had? Do you feel like life gets more and more difficult — reliving the good times while you slowly disassociate from the real world? Do you feel senseless, hopeless, and without direction?

I have experienced these things for a while now. Proof of such negative experiences is getting used to the belief that I can’t do anything good at all. At this point, I am not blaming anything. I can’t point fingers at anybody or…

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You’re not too old to start anew.

Sitting in my black swivel chair, elbows on my desk, my eyes are glued to the screen. My chest pounds and tightens, the throat feels like choking. While pressing my hands with threaded fingers on my philtrum, I start shaking my head.

Scrolling through my old blog posts from 2014 and earlier today, I hope to rediscover the part of me that I somehow lost. Had I not done that, I maybe would have never remembered the strength and the power I once had.

Maybe, I would still be fooling myself by believing that someday and somehow, I could find…

Writing has been only source of solace, so there is no way for me let go of it. As I have often expressed in my blog posts and some articles published on LinkedIn, it's my only way to express my thoughts.

Like you, I will strive to continually write until my last breath, until my hands could no longer hold a pen, until my ears turn deaf, until my voice could no longer be heard.

My life could be boring for others. But for me, it's my vocation.

I missed those days when my husband and I would roam around the city and visit nearby shops, especially the 1 Euro shop where we often delight ourselves with materials for our next creative project.

Since the pandemic, I haven't gone out of the house that much, which is triggering the agoraphobic me. Back in the Philippines, almost two years ago, I recalled myself unable to out at least two meters away from the house in fear of something, particularly meeting another human being, which is haunting and confusing, at the same time. …

Nobody has expected a once epidemic, that most of us were complacent it would have stayed like that, would eventually become a global crisis where we're left without option to fight.

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Should writers choose style over grammar?

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you want to maximize your writing talent and make more money? If that’s what you’re into, my friend, then the 10 writing mistakes will help you in your writing journey. So, your content will not sound stupid or amateur.

Should Writers Choose Style Over Grammar?

Lately, I had an interesting encounter with a writer on LinkedIn that reminded me of some important lessons.

She barely had 2 years of professional writing experience, I suppose. Despite that, she seemed confident to defend her statement that writers should choose between style and grammar.

To my surprise, I responded nicely, but…

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Writers are warriors of words.

Writers are warriors of words. You fight for injustice and equality for every person-for your mother, father, siblings, friends, neighbors, nation, or yourself.

You fight without guns, but your words are dangerous enough to win a war. Aren’t they enough to convince you why being a writer is awesome? Are they?

Amanda Gorman served as an example of how writers portrayed exemplary efforts to win and tear down a strong fortress of evil.

The writer’s success is not measured by how much income you earned, but by how many people’s hearts you touch.

You may be working as a content…

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A content writer’s real job is…

What does a content writer do? A content writer creates a variety of content to establish a story or a brand of a business. Find out more about the life of a content writer do in a day.

Like most jobs, it can be both enjoyable and straining at the same time. Though you like what you do, spending long hours writing several articles in a day is an exhausting process.

Physically, you experience back pains and numbness in your arms to your fingertips. Mentally, it also requires endurance.

Can you imagine sitting down on your swivel chair, staring at…

Mecyll Gaspary

I just want to write about anything.

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