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“What’s going on with my talented daughter?” I was caught off-guard when my emotionally absent mother expressed her deep concern for me a few weeks ago through Skype, as I slowly began to walk the route to depression.

At twenty-nine, I had never thought that I would hear those words…

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

Sitting in my black swivel chair, elbows on my desk, my eyes are glued to the screen. My chest pounds and tightens, the throat feels like choking. While pressing my hands with threaded fingers on my philtrum, I start shaking my head.

Scrolling through my old blog posts from 2014…

Just because you are a non-native speaker, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. If English is your mother tongue, it also doesn’t mean you’re a good writer.

My friend, Chelsea Terry is a professional editor and proofreader of her own UK-based independent editorial business, Stand Corrected Editing. She will…

Writing has been only source of solace, so there is no way for me let go of it. As I have often expressed in my blog posts and some articles published on LinkedIn, it's my only way to express my thoughts.

Like you, I will strive to continually write until my last breath, until my hands could no longer hold a pen, until my ears turn deaf, until my voice could no longer be heard.

My life could be boring for others. But for me, it's my vocation.

I missed those days when my husband and I would roam around the city and visit nearby shops, especially the 1 Euro shop where we often delight ourselves with materials for our next creative project.

Since the pandemic, I haven't gone out of the house that much, which is triggering…

Mecyll Gaspary

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