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Essentialism in Self-Publishing 2022: Its Impacts on Writer’s Productivity

With the influx of freelancer writers suffering, introducing Essentialism is pivotal for writers. Continue reading.

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Essentialism is different than minimalism. Though the two principles may have shared commonalities like teaching them self-awareness, they are still two different things. And I’m not talking about their spellings, am I?

Setting the joke aside, it is alarming to see how everyone has gotten more vulnerable in all areas of their lives. Similarly, the continuously increasing number of freelance writers need to learn Essentialism and its basic guiding principles to stay on track and achieve more.

What is Essentialism and Why Do Writers Need It?

According to Greg McKeown, the author of “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less,” this principle is not as a time management strategy to enable us to achieve more within a limited time but as a self-practice to choose our options with awareness — must be according to what we truly value and eliminate those that aren’t aligned with what we truly want in our lives.

Regardless if you’re a new writer or already an established one, you need to learn the importance of Essentialism to make it through the process of pre-writing until the post-writing phase.

Whatever piece you are working on right now, the principle of Essentialism allows you to focus on lesser options, thus, eliminating those that don’t bring relevant results or Returns of Investment (ROI).

At the same time, embracing the Essentialist guiding principles as a writer will help you become more productive and achieve more. That helps us to experience a less overwhelming transitioning process from being a writer to becoming an author.

If we apply McKeown’s lesson to an Essentialist living as writers, the self-publishing route is a given option for writers, just as other professionals in the field. However, it must “empower us to reclaim control of our own choices about where to spend our precious time and energy.”

To learn more about McKeown and his book, visit his website right here.

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Your Takeaway: Why Must I Care About Self-Publishing As A Writer?

If you have at least known that as a writer, becoming an author is given. It’s your fate, just as interns become certified professionals in their field.

Similarly, every writer, including you, must embrace and acknowledge what possibilities await you at the end of this journey.

Whether you want to believe that your work deserves proper credit or not, or whether you refuse to acknowledge that you have the right to publish your works, self-publishing is the best route for you to consider.

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Mecyll Gaspary

Mecyll Gaspary

An INFJ Author & Self-Publisher. LATEST UPDATES HERE:

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